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ntelli IMT-1000 Pitch Generator - (Pitch Pipe) / Metronome

Intelli IMT-1000 Pitch Generator - 
(Pitch Pipe) & Metronome

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Intelli DM8LT 
Loud Electronic Pitch Pipe -  Modified with Pitch Button

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Intelli IMT 301 Digital Electronic Pitch Pipe With Pitch Button 



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Intelli IMT-301 
Five in One Digital Metronome / 
Tuner /Thermo- Hygro Meter & Pitch Pipe With out switch 

Ampifed Pitch Pipe

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Pitch Pipe  help

Electronic Pitch Pipe
   Most musicians remember tuning their instrument with a pitch pipe... a small set of pipes or a circular device that you would blow air through to get the pitch you need -- this was before the invention of digital technology.      Then we had tuners with needles and you could play a note with your instrument or voice, and the needle would tell you if your pitch was  sharp or flat. 

    Now we have digital tuners with lights that let us know when we are in tune.  This works well for one person tuning an instrument or checking the pitch of a voice.  A while ago a company that actually manufactured metronomes inside the united states of America,  manufactured an item called the Franz IMP 2000  Integrated metronome & pitch pipe. This item was widely used by singing groups such as Sweet Adelines, barber sharp quartets, and other choral groups... but sadly is no longer manufactured as Franz is no longer in business.

      The IMP 2000 had a loud pitch with a great design for hearing the tone momentarily.  The Intelli IMT1000  is now the closest available mass produced item that has many features of the Franz IMP 2000.

For more info on the Franz IMP go to http://www.franzmfg.com/product3.htm.


     We now have a modified metronome that directly copied all of the features of the Franz IMP2000...  We have modified the Intelli DM8LT  Metronome/Pitch pipe. 

  The case is a little larger but  the volume is as loud and  all of the other features are identical with many improvements..

The numbers do not wear off of the case as a clear dial protects the lettering.

The lettering has been much larger ...you can see these from several feet away ....

You can order with 2 different type of switches ...
        1) a momentary contact switch --- press the button the sound comes on... let go of the switch and the sound goes off or
         2) a push button switch that you press and the sound stays on even when you let go of the button... press the button again and the sound  goes off..

We look forward to any other features you would like to see in  a pitch pipe... Please email  us at:




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