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ntelli IMT-1000 Pitch Generator - (Pitch Pipe) / Metronome

Metronome/Pitch Pipe

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Battery eliminator $13.95

The Intelli Imt1000 has a very loud tone generator/pitch pipe and metronome... Easy to select tempo or note using the thumb wheel. 

Pitch Generator (Pitch Pipe)  Features:

  • 88 Notes A0- C8 - pitch is changed quickly with thumb dial in center of the unit. 
  • Volume control is continuously adjustable by a knob

Listen to the pitch pipe

  • Pitch shift 430 Hz to 449Hz in 1Hz steps.
  • Pause button - simply press the button to start the pitch - press again to stop the pitch. 
  • Making pitch changes while performing in a Barber Shop Quartet, chorus, etc... can be made with one hand - the same hand that presses the pause button. **Note the pause button silences the sound, but once the thumb wheel (pitch selector) is turned the pitches are then produced, sounding all notes between the destination note. 

Metronome Features:

  • Tempo Range - 30 to 250 beats per minute.
  • Accented beats 0,1, 2,3,4,5,6,7 with 3 different tones for the strong beat - a chime / weak beat - a drum / subdivisions - wood block.

Listen to the metronome

  • 8 subdivisions of beats- eighth notes, triplets, sixteenth, triplet and sixteenths with middle rests. 
  • When accented beat is set - the light flashes red for the first beat and green on the other beats. 
  • Two memory channels for storing rhythms and tempos - with the flip of the switch you can quickly go to a different rhythm/tempo.
  • Volume control is continuously adjustable by a knob . 
  • The Intelli Imt-100o has Large LCD screen simulates swinging of pendulum.
  •  Tempo is quickly selected with center circular selector
  • All settings are maintained after the unit is turned off.
  • Italian Tempo chart is on the back of the Imt1000 (Largo-Adagio etc.)


  • Earphone jack - Earphone not included
  • Uses a 9 volt battery -included - or has plug for an AC adapter - $13.95.
  • Flip out metal stand. Available in color pictured. 
  • Dimensions: 1.75"x 5.75"x .75" - weight 6 oz
  • Includes vinyl carrying case. Made in Korea. 

Need more info.. email:
  or call 800 586-3876

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Ear Phone

Metronome Stand

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    Metronome - Tuner Help

Not sure which model  you need? There are many models  to pick from and it depends the application and needs. If you need a metronome or tuner for music purposes, any model  will work well, but there are some with more features than others. Below are a few tips to help you choose a model. 
    The Intelli IMT 500 & IMT-900 tuners are packed with features of more expensive clip on tuners. The Intelli Tuner is the only tuner that let's you tune your guitar with a capo in place. 

    The Cherub Guitar Mate Wst550-g Clip on Tuner is a good inexpensive choice for guitarists. For an inexpensive chromatic tuner the Cherub Chromatic Mate Wst 550-c Clip On Tuner is a good choice.

    The Korg TM40 Chromatic tuner & Metronome.. is one of the best quality combination tuners and metronomes. This instrument will tune almost any instrument with a very wide range of pitch detection.  ... if the tuner has difficulty hearing the sound of your instrument try using the Korg Instrument Pick-up.  

    The keywound metronomes with a swinging pendulum let you see the motion of the beat. The bell models will also accent the first beat with a bell sound. The keywound models give the most natural sound of all the metronomes and are very pleasing to the ear. The Taktell Mini is a great metronome for portability, but the sound is louder on the Taktell Piccolo or Standard Models. Using the keywound models is simple and with winding the key about 8 -12 times the sound should last from 20 to 30 minutes. The plastic standard models are identical to the standard wood model... except for the case which is wood. The wood is made from a composite wood and then finished with walnut, mahogany, or black finishes. 

   Back To Metronomes

     Quartz and keywound models  are a little easier to use than digital models, as you can dial the tempo quickly with a quartz model  - a digital model  requires pressing a button till you get to the tempo. -  Look at MatrixSeiko and the Wittner Mt70  for great quartz models at a low price.

    Digital Metronomes have many features and will increment the the tempo by one beat at a time. With a digital metronome you can obtan  the tempos 60,61,63,64... etc. Quartz and keywound models use musical tempos to determine the increments.  
      Need a loud metronome... the loudest are the, Matrix  Mr600 and Seiko Sq70 .  Need a very loud metronome -- for chorus, band, orchestra, large groups... look at the MetroAmp packages.  
        For exercise, physical therapy, dog training, or golf swing... our most popular model  is the Seiko DM50 Clip On. 
     Confused, or not sure which metronome you need - call (800)586-3876 and we will try to help you.