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MetroAmp Package  $139.00


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  •   Need a very loud metronome??? - this is the easiest way to boost the volume of a metronome.

  • This will work well for symphonies, orchestras, band, coral groups, exercise class, physical therapy, bagpipe groups, or any where that a loud rhythm is needed.
  • The package includes a Matrix Mr500 metronome, RMS 12 watt Amplifier, and a 10 foot cable with adapter.
  • A conductor, band leader, or instructor can set the amplifier 10 feet away from the podium and control the tempo of each piece being played or the metronome can be set on top of the amplifier so all can see the flashing light of the metronome.
  • This metronome will also give an A 440 pitch for tuning.
  • The amplifier gives a clean sound through a 6 1/2" speaker with volume and tone controls. Size of the amplifier is 11h" x 11w" x 6"d. A handle makes the unit easy to carry, while there is also a compartment in the back to place the metronome and cable.
  • Includes instructions for easy set -up.


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MetroAmp Micro Package - 
Amplified Metronome/Pitch Generator

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       We have had many requests by Barber Shop Groups, Orchestras, Bagpipe Groups,  Chorus Directors, Drum Groups, Drummers and others for a loud metronome or pitch generator. The combination of the Matrix Mr600 metronome and the HoneyTone  Amp is louder than any other metronome. 
        The Mr600 will generate 3 octaves of pitches or metronome sounds and the Micro Amp will make it loud enough for most situations. The amplifier is 4 watts and has a 3" speaker. Most metronomes only have .25 watts and a 1" speaker. The sound is at least 10 times louder than any other metronome/pitch generator.
      Both units use 9 volt batteries (not included). We provide all the connections and

 Micro Amp features:

Matrix Mr600 Metronome Features

 High Efficiency 3" speaker
 4" wide x 5" high x 2" deep - weight 14 oz.
  Ported Cabinet
 3 watts peak power
 Volume & tone  control
 Headphone jack
 LED power indicator
On/off switch
 Input jack
 DC adaptor jack - 9 volt battery not included
 Belt clip
Over 3 octaves of pitches with pitch shift.
Flip out metal stand. 
Range : 40-216 beats per minute. 
Light and or click. 
8 color LED's move with beat. 
Chime accents downbeat on 0,2,3,4,5 & 6. 
Adjustable volume control.  
Earphone included. 
Uses 9 volt battery - not included.
2 1/2"w x 5"h x 1 1/2"d

Need more info.. email:
  or call 800 586-3876


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