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  DR Beat DB-90

The DB88 is no longer manufactured.. it has been replaced by the:

Dr  Beat DB 90 Talking Metronome 
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Power Supply (#PSA120T) for DB 90 - $19.95


  • Tempo: 30-250 (Accuracy: 0.1%) 
  • Reference Tone: Reference Pitch: A4=438 Hz-445 Hz (1 Hz steps): Reference Tone Range: C2-B6 (5 octave, 12 semitone)
  • Memory :Metronome can store 50 different metronome setting. Stores 10 different  reference tone settings.
  • Rhythm level sliders adjust the volume of the accent on the first beat and volume of each rhythm. 
  • A foot switch (optional) moves shifts the memories up and down.. so you can quickly go between different tempo and rhythms.
  • Backlit display can be turned off. 
  • Tap Mode... will return a tempo tapped into metronome
  • Loop Play Mode
  • Count in function gives a lead in count before the metronome count itself starts.
  • Poly rhythms: Beats: 2+3, 3+2, 3+4, 4+3, 4+5, 5+4, 5+6, 6+5, 6+7, 7+6, 7+8, 8+9, 9+8 
  • Amp simulator function - use the metronome as a simple monitor amp for bass or guitar.
  • RHYTHM COACH: Time Check, Quiet Count, Gradual Up/Down, Step Up/Down
  • Auto Power Off function Turns unit off after 60 min
  • Indicators: LCD Display, Tempo Indicator LED x 2
  • Connectors :TRIG IN jack, START/STOP jack, MEMORY UP/DOWN jack. MIDI IN connector, PHONES jack x 2 (Stereo 1/4" phone type, Stereo miniature phone type), INPUT jack, AC ADAPTOR jack
  • Power Supply: DC-9V: Dry Battery or AC adaptor (PSA series)- 85ma draw
  • Accessories: Dry Battery, Soft case, Owners Manual, Cymbal stand attachment.
  • Dimensions: Width - 4-13/16 inches , Height - 6-1/2 inches , Depth 1-1/2 inches ,Weight 1 lbs


  • Quick rhythm customizing with Note Mixing function, dozens of play-along drum patterns also built in
  • Dedicated sliders, buttons, rotary dial, and large backlit LCD for user-friendly operation
  • 4 metronome (including human voice) sounds
  • Reference Tone function makes it easy to verify tuning by ear
  • Practice with the Rhythm Coach by connecting a V-Pad (optional) rubber pads and acoustic drums can also be detected via built-in mic
  • Footswitch control for hands-free play/stop, and MIDI input for sync to external sequencers
  • Direct connection with guitar and bass, plus headphone monitoring

    Better Beats, Better Practice
    The Note Mixing function allows you to instantly create a variety of beats by adjusting the levels of five different note values. Front-panel sliders, buttons, and a large rotary dial provide instant, hands-on access to edit parameters. Select four different click sounds, including a human voice-counting sound that will help you know your place in the bar. The DB-90 is also equipped with realistic PCM drum patterns, for developing your accuracy and rhythmic feel effectively.

    Plug Into Rhythm Coach
    Expand your rhythmic horizons with Rhythm Coach. This innovative follow-along feature has four training modes to help build your accuracy, speed, and endurance. With the DB-90s onboard microphone, you can use the Rhythm Coach functions with acoustic drums, or plug a Roland V-Pad into the Trigger input. Play along, and chart your progress.

    Many Uses
    Drummers can connect to the DB-90 via Roland V-Pads or the internal microphone. Guitarist and bassist can directly plug into the DB-90 without any other gear required, and monitor via connected headphones practically any type of instrumentalist can benefit from the DB-90s features. And for those who wish to sync to an external sequencer for more elaborate accompaniment, they can do so with the DB-90s MIDI input. This stage-oriented feature is especially useful for drummers.

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    Metronome Help

    Not sure which model  you need? If you need a metronome for music purposes, any model  will work well, but there are some with more features than others. Below are a few tips to help you choose a model. 

    The Dr Beat Metranomes are the most advanced models, having features not found in other metronome models.. These models are excellent teaching tools for learning simple or complex rhythms. All Dr Beat models are digital metronomes. The Dr Beat DB 90  metronome  is a talking metronome.. it will count out loud with a voice. The Dr Beat DB88 metronome  will also count very complex rhythms, with all parts of the beat being controllable. The Doctor Beat  db60  metronome has most of the same features as the DB 90, with out the voice and a few other features. All Dr. Beat metronomes come with a manual with full instructions.
    The keywound metronomes with a swinging pendulum let you see the motion of the beat. The bell models will also accent the first beat with a bell sound. The keywound models give the most natural sound of all the metronomes and are very pleasing to the ear. 

   Quartz and keywound models  are a little easier to use than digital models, as you can dial the tempo quickly with a quartz model  - a digital model  requires pressing a button till you get to the tempo. -  Look at MatrixSeiko and the Wittner Mt70  for great quartz models at a low price.

    Digital Metronomes have many features and will increment the the tempo by one beat at a time. With a digital metronome you can obtain  the tempos 60,61,63,64... etc. Quartz and keywound models use musical tempos to determine the increments.  
      Need a loud metronome... the loudest are the Franz XB700 (made in USA), Matrix  Mr600,  and Seiko Sq70 are our loudest.  For very loud metronomes. look at the MetroAmp packages.  
        For exercise, physical therapy, dog training, or golf swing... our most popular model  is the Seiko DM50 Clip On. 
     Confused, or not sure which metronome you need - call (800)586-3876 and we will help you.