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The Franz #7 metronome is the loudest metronome

Franz metronomes are no longer available as they are out of business.


The following metronomes have many of the same features as the Franz xb700 and Franz Xb 750

Matrix Metronome Mr 600 - loud sound with volume control, accenting features with tuning (electronic pitch pipe) features. Seiko Electronic Quartz Metronome Sq 70 is one of the loudest.

Matrix Mr600            Wittner MT70                 Seiko SQ70

Feature of the Franz xb700 
Standard, double, & half beat settings. 
Accented first beat on 2,3,4,5,6,7, & 12. 
Volume Control.
Range: 40 - 216. 
Bright red light & or loud beat. 
Ear phone jack - Ear phone not included. 
Size: 5 x 3 x 1 1/2". Black case with silver trim. 
Uses 9 volt battery not included. 
One year guarantee. Made in U.S.A.
XB-750 Combines an electronic pitch pipe with the features 
of the XB 700. Pitch formats include 1 1/2 octave chromatic range, 
 bowed string format, guitar format, & variable A format. This model looks identical to the XB-700 with an additional switch to change to the tuning mode.


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    The Franz #7 (xb700) is a versatile metronome - it has a wide selection of speed ranges with the half and double time features. The Franz #7 (xb700) also lets you switch easily to accented rhythms by using a sliding switch. The Franz #7 (XB700)  has one of the largest flashing lights available.

Other Franz Metronomes:

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