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  Dr Beat DB90DR Beat DB-90 Talking Metronome talking metronome

Dr Beat DB90- Boss  Talking Metronome 
$164.50 with free shipping & Free Power Supply

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Specifications of the Boss Dr Beat DB90 metronome:

  • Tempo Range of the DR beat DB 9090: 30-250 (Accuracy: ±0.1%) 
  • Reference Tone: Reference Pitch: A4=438 Hz-445 Hz (1 Hz steps): Reference Tone Range: C2-B6 (5 octave, 12 semitone)
  • Memory :Metronome can store 50 different metronome setting. Stores 10 different reference tone settings

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  • The Boss Dr Beat Db90 has Rhythm level sliders adjust the volume of the accent on the first beat and volume of each rhythm. 
  • A foot switch (optional) moves shifts the memories up and down.. so you can quickly go between different tempo and rhythms.
  • Backlit display can be turned off. 
  • Tap Mode... will return a tempo tapped into metronome
  • Loop Play Mode
  • Count in function gives a lead in count before the metronome count itself starts.
  • BEAT: (BEAT1) 1–9, (BEAT2) OFF/1–9 PATTERN: 8-BEAT x 4, 16-BEAT x 3, SHUFFLE x 3, FUNK x 2, JAZZ x 2, BLUES, TECHNO, HOUSE, COUNTRY, REGGAE, CLAVE 3-2, CLAVE 2-3, SALSA, RUMBA, BOSSA NOVA, SAMBA, WALTZ, TANGO, MAMBO, CHACHACHA, MARCH (30 kinds)Poly rhythms: Beats: 2+3, 3+2, 3+4, 4+3, 4+5, 5+4, 5+6, 6+5, 6+7, 7+6, 7+8, 8+9, 9+8 
  • Amp simulator function - use the metronome as a simple monitor amp for bass or guitar.
  • RHYTHM COACH: Time Check, Quiet Count, Gradual Up/Down, Step Up/Down
  • Auto Power Off function Turns unit off after 60 min
  • Indicators: LCD Display, Tempo Indicator LED x 2
  • Connectors :TRIG IN jack, START/STOP jack, MEMORY UP/DOWN jack. MIDI IN connector, PHONES jack x 2 (Stereo 1/4" phone type, Stereo miniature phone type), INPUT jack, AC ADAPTOR jack - (adapter and head phones not included).
  • Power Supply: DC-9V: Battery (included) or AC adaptor - 9 Volt Power Supply (included) - this plugs in a wall outlet to  keep the volume at maximum and saves the life of your battery. 
  • Accessories: Battery, Soft case, Owner’s Manual, Cymbal stand attachment. Dimensions: Width - 4-13/16 inches , Height - 6-1/2 inches , Depth 1-1/2 inches ,Weight 1 lbs.


  • Quick rhythm customizing with Note Mixing function, dozens of play-along drum patterns also built in
  • Dedicated sliders, buttons, rotary dial, and large backlit LCD for user-friendly operation
  • 4 metronome (including human voice) sounds
  • Reference Tone function makes it easy to verify tuning by ear
  • Practice with the Rhythm Coach by connecting a V-Pad (optional) — rubber pads and acoustic drums can also be detected via built-in mic


Better Beats, Better Practice
The Note Mixing function allows you to instantly create a variety of beats by adjusting the levels of five different note values. Front-panel sliders, buttons, and a large rotary dial provide instant, hands-on access to edit parameters. Select four different click sounds, including a human voice-counting sound that will help you know your place in the bar. The DB-90 is also equipped with realistic PCM drum patterns, for developing your accuracy and rhythmic feel effectively.

Power Supply  for DB 90 - $13.95  

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Metronome Earphone $4.95


  • A light weight earphone that is small and comfortable.
  • Six foot of wire, lets you move freely while you use your metronome.
  • 3.5 miniature plug 


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  or call 800 586-3876


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