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 Intelli DM8LT Metronome/Electronic Pitch Pipe 

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This is the loudest dial metronome & pitch pipe  available... easy to operate with many features.

 Metronome features of the DM8LT:

Range : 40-216 beats per minute using a large easy to read and easy to turn dial. Increments by standard musical tempos.

Light and or click - this metronome is one of the loudest we have found ... with a great clave (wood block)  tone and full range volume control. 

8 color LED's move with beat - when in the accenting mode the first light will flash green -- all others are red. 

Chime - bell  accents downbeat on 0,2,3,4,5 & 6. When set to 0 there is only the clicking - clave tone. Also 6 beat sub-divisions -- Eight Note, Triplet, Sixteenth, Dotted Eighth, Triplet & Sixteenth with rests.

Earphone jack 3.5mm - earphone not included.
Accuracy of metronome + or - .2%
Flip out metal stand.  
Uses 9 volt battery - included.
Includes vinyl carrying case.

Electronic Pitch Pipe features of the DM8LT:
Over 3 octaves of pitches with pitch shift.-  B2-C6
Size:  2 1/2"w x 5 1/2"h x 1"d. Weight 6 oz.
Pitch Shift A440 - 445
Pitch Accuracy  less than + or - 1 cent
One year warranty. 

Need more info.. email   
or call 800 586-3876

Accessories for the Intelli Dm8lt  Metronome/Pitch Pipe

Ear Phone

The Seiko SQ50v Metronome stand

Metronome Stand

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